Thank you for your interest in our encrypted secure e-mail service. Here you can sign up for the service that allows you to communicate with individuals securely and privately. It is not meant to be a replacement for your company�s or you personal email service.


1 Email Account - $25 per month

If you are interested in this secure communications service for yourself, your business or your organization, please contact us.

It is intended for corporate C level personnel, international governmental agencies and their members, as well as high level business people who are involved in highly confidential dealings and transactions. Our service insures that nobody will intercept their communication with other parties.

This service is not free nor is it $2 per month. It is close to military grade service with support provided to individuals; organizations and agencies in need this type of secure communication. For small/medium sized company, only 3 to 5 e-mail accounts are required.

Here is how it works:
You will be able to use the service only through encrypted browser access via your browser (similar to accessing your bank statements online). Outlook and all other desktop applications not are permitted to be used for security reasons. You will be able to send or receive e-mails only from our domain ( That way we can ensure all communication will be secured and encrypted from end to end. This means that the other party/individual has to have an account on our system (whether you create for them or they create it themselves). This eliminates spam as no outside e-mail services could send any emails to this secure account.

Once you and the other party get e-mail accounts you�ll be able to get 24/7 365 access to your online secure e-mail services. We have a hot-line for support, including e-mail, chat and, if necessary, live phone support.

It is highly recommended for International business, as local ISPs usually allow the content of the emails to be sniffed.